Hallon continues with their low price and simplicity advertising platform that we have developed together with them – “Enkelt, Billigt, Hallon”. Now, with focus on on the benefits for teenagers with a easy mobile subscriptions without a fixed¬†term. Many takes from the filmed material have also been taken out to stills and uses in banners, print and outdoor advertising, in order to get usage out of the basic film production.

Hallon is Swedens fastest growing mobile operator and is a sub-brand to operator Tre. Hallon has no physical stores and relies heavily on marketing for growth.


Forsberg & Co has produced Hallons communication since the start. Forsberg & Co has been working on a success fee. Something that has contributed greatly to both us and the client.


From Hallon.se.

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Slow motion gives presence to a shot. It gives it power.
Producing films, using a single still image.
The only limitation is imagination.
Creating a local presence, everywhere.
Making memorable jingles and music signatures.
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