Den Stora Smakresan

Together with Mariestads we have visited beer-goers like Björn Frantzén, Tityo and others and travelled all around the world with brewmaster Richard Bengtsson resulting in a series of commercials, stills and web content. During the campaign Mariestads got to be the top seller of beer in Sweden.

Spendrups is Swedens largest family owned brewing company with a number of brands. In 2007 Norrlands Guld placed itself as number one in Sweden. Not bad for a brand that was almost non existing 15 years earlier. In 2015 the stunt was repeated with Mariestads. Both moves brilliantly executed by advertising legend Stefan Öström. 


Forsberg & Co has proudly produced TVC:s, Radio and Content for both brands beginning with Norrlands Guld in 1996. We have also produced TVC:s and content for Grängesberg and Loka.


The entire production, including the TV commercial, was published on Mariestads.se.

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